A link between sports and business community

We help sport organisations to develop strategically important sustainability areas, which can form a basis for long-term partnerships with the business community – built on a common will to contribute to a sustainable society.


Strategy and development

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Identifying priority areas of sustainability is an important basis for being able to measure and follow development over time in the areas your organisation sees as the most important to work with. We support you in the process of developing sustainability strategies, based on a materiality analysis.

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Sustainability reporting

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Showing, in a transparent way, the effect your organisation has in different areas is a central part of sustainability work. We are specialists in sustainability reporting for sports organisations and are based on, among other things, the Global Reporting Initiative when we create structures for your reporting. We help you understand why reporting is important and shape the report so that both stakeholders and the business community can relate to it.

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Review sustainability information

Many organisations put in a lot of effort in the area of ​​sustainability but often fall short in following up on their results. The lack of transparency can lower the credibility and thus, also the business value. We are here to make sure that you walk the talk. External validation of the work and a transparent presentation of sustainability information provides credibility and better governance.

Community involvement - Sponsorship strategies

Sponsorship of sports is an important part of the social responsibility of many companies today. We help your company ensure that your sponsorship strategies are in line with the company’s values ​​and overall sustainability strategies. What do you need to prioritise to get the most out of your collaboration with sports and other organisations? We also help you with how you can report on your sponsorship initiatives in your sustainability report.