We believe in
the power of sport

10ere grew from a desire to develop how sports and business can work together for a more sustainable society. We believe in the power of sport to make a difference in society, but we also see the need for increased transparency and a sustainability perspective that permeates the entire business. When this is in place, we believe that sport can make an even bigger difference for more people and at the same time get a better platform to build long-term partnerships.


Who we are?

Our versatile team has extensive experience of working with sustainability, gender equality and commercial strategies in sports. Together with our broad network, we can tailor a strong team with the skills you need.

What does sustainability mean to us?

When we talk about sustainability, we refer to the three pillars; social, economic and environmental sustainability. We believe in being genuine in our commitment but we also know that no one can do everything. Working strategically according to your specific conditions is important for success in the long run. Sustainability work needs to engage the entire organisation – therefore we always work from a holistic perspective and avoid small measures with limited effect.


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